End Of Season

I'd rather be fishing right now, but whatever.

Hello to everyone out there reading our blog!

Long time no hear, huh? Yup, but the season is coming to its end once again, and one does not simply go fly fishing at minus twenty celsius degrees. Currently it still would be a decent fly fishing weather up here, though: a couple of minus or plus degrees and light rain or snowfall sometimes. But then there's the other stuff that every single time (or so it seems, anyways) hampers your fly fishing plans, and then you just have to deal with it and - this really breaks my heart - limit your fly fishing.

"It's all about the right balance," one could say. But when you can't go fishing for an eternity, then you just get an aching need for it. After this hell of a rant, let's just do something distantly fishing-related and watch old fly fishing photos while suffering from the withdrawal symptoms of fly fishing.

Cheers, us.