We thought to share a good fly pattern with all of you reading this blog. It's a modified version of a Finnish Megamutikka.

It doesn't look too pretty, especially when tied by me, but it's a very effective streamer when fishing for brown trout on Central-Finland's rapids. It swims on the surface, or just beneath it, splashing the water on it's way.

#4 (about 8cm) and #1 (about 10cm)

I'm too lazy to do step-by-step instructions, so I just listed the materials which I used on it. Hope you don't mind... :)

Hook: Long shank streamer hook size 1-4 (e.g. Kamasan B800)
Thread: Black 6/0
Tail: Squirrel
Body: Yellow and/or orange dubbing
Underwing: Squirrel
Wing: Brown rooster cape
Head/collar: Deer hair

Just add water and remember that bigger is better!