Nymphing on river Muuramenjoki

Some rocks and foam

So, we arrived at the river on afternoon, at about two o’clock. We started fishing on the upper parts of the river with different nymphs and czech nymphs. The water was quite low and it made fishing a bit difficult on some places. My friend, however, caught a nice rainbow trout on a small leech.


After a while, we went a couple hundred meters downstream to fish a rockier rapid part of the river. Nothing too exciting happened there, I caught a couple of roaches and took some photos.

More rocks
We fished for some time after that, but caught only some water weeds. We took some photos of some random things and then we went home.

It was nice to go fishing after a one month break, although I caught no rainbows or brown trouts. And Muuramenjoki is a nice, local river, so it doesn't matter if you don't sometimes catch any fish.

A couple of white mushrooms