Closed Season and Random Stuff (non)related

It's been quite a long time since the last update here.

So, to begin with, the closed season on salmonid containing rivers and rapids begun last week, meaning that the next time you can go fishing for trout to a river is the November 16th. That is good thing for the fish', of course, that fishermen aren't wading on the breeding places and spookin' them.

Otherwise we've been quite busy studying and stuff like that, but we managed to go fishing to Kuusaankoski, a popular fly fishing destination near Laukaa.


We lost few pretty good fish', including a couple of trouts and a grayling, but the only ones we actually managed to land were only about 10-30 centimeters in length, so they were of course released.
I don't know what the problem was, but setting the hook and playing the fish just didn't go too well. Maybe it was just a stroke of bad luck or something...

Hidin' under the bridge

There's one positive thing about the autumn, though. This is the best season for fly fishing for rainbow trout on the lakes. Next weekend we'll go fishing and see if we can find any willing fish to bite our flies... Hopefully we do, but we'll see...