So, we finally decided to go fishing to Naarakoski rapids last Saturday. Here's a short story about that day.

We arrived to the rapids some time before noon, after redeeming the licences. We began fishing with some basic nymphs and czech nymphs on the lover part of the rapids, which is called Kissakoski. It is pretty shallow and not-so-easy to fish, especially on low water. Small fish' were biting the flies eagerly, but there was no sign of any bigger fish', for example brown trouts. We kept on nymphing the lower part for some time and I managed to loose a bit under 40 cm long trout after a few seconds fight.

We also met a couple of other anglers who told us that they hadn't caught anything on that day either.

Portrait with colors

After fishing for a couple of hours on the lower part, we decided to go fishing to the upper part of the rapids, the Naarakoski itself. Although this part looked pretty promising, we didn't manage to catch anything besides those damned weeds.

A couple of hours later, at about five o'clock we returned to the lower part of the rapids, again trying to lure the trouts from their hide-outs with different czech nymphs. I had one pretty strong bite but I didn't manage on setting the hook 'cause my concentration was wondering. My friend had also a couple of nice, about 40 cm trouts on for a few seconds at the koskenniska

Kissakoski again
And again

That's about it, we didn't catch any fish, but otherwise had a pretty great day on the rapids. We'll try to arrange some time for one trip to a nearby-rapid before the closed season begins on next Wednesday.

Dead end sign next to parking area