Timelapses and Other Stuff

Hi there.
Not much has happened during the past weeks (again), because of the closed season here in Finland. It actually ended already on last Saturday, but we didn't have time go fishing. We shall go fishing pretty soon though, maybe next weekend or on the one after it.

I haven't even tied any flies because of my laziness when it comes down to fly tying. But I made a nice discovery on the web called CHDK. It's a pretty sweet and a bit complicated software for Canon's point-and-shoot cameras that allows to do some cool stuff with them, including for example timelapses and HDRs.

My old Canon PowerShot A495
I was most excited about making timelapses so I downloaded a timelapse-script and put it in the Scripts-folder of CHDK on a memory card and after a short setup I was ready to shoot some timelapses. I used Canon PowerShot A495 for this, but basically almost any PowerShot- or Ixus-model is supported.

CHDK's booting image

I didn't make any step-by-step for installing and using CHDK, because there already is quite a few of them (links can be found at the end of this post). But if you want me to do one, just tell it by commenting on this post or send a message on Twitter, Vimeo, Google+ or wherever you like.
Setting up the timelapse script

Short timelapse test clip which I made

If you prefer YouTube, click here.

That test clip isn't the best possible, and I made it mainly to show the opportunities offered by CHDK.