Muuramenjoki - Fly fishing in Snowfall


We went fly fishing on Muuramenjoki, a nearby river, last Saturday. The weather was quite cold and windy and there was also some dense snowfall for a couple of hours.


We arrived at the river at about nine o'clock in the morning and began fishing on the lower stream pool, usually referred to as Alasuvanto ("Lower stream pool"). Aft
er an hour or so we moved a bit upstream, to the upper end of Alasuvanto. There was no action, though, and everything was just dead-silent.

Upper parts of the the rapids.  No wading here.

Then we moved on to the upper stream pool, Paloasemansuvanto ("Fire station stream pool"), where the currents slows down. We fished there for sometime without any results. With no fish-contacts, we decided to try some of the upper parts of the rapids, although we knew that the fish' don't like the fast current places on such cold water. Unsurprisingly, we had no fish-contacts there either, so we went back all the way to Alasuvanto, though we were now fishing it from the other bank. I had no fish-contacts there, but my friend managed to hook a nice rainbow after a couple of unsuccessful attempts just few moments before.

A snow-rainbow
It was a nice day fishing, although the weather was quite freezing because of some heavy winds.

White wasn't the color of the day

Some icicles under the bridge

A random snowfall pic

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