Wet Conditions

Hello there!

It's been a really really long time since our last blog entry, like two months already. And we apologize for that, but now we're back in business after the busy spring. Our summer holiday just began today, and we decided to celebrate it by going fishing - already on last Thursday.

As the title says, the conditions weren't exactly the best possible for fly fishing. A pouring rain and quite low temperatures aren't exactly the ideal conditions for fly fishing - nor are they for other outdoor activities. But, we were determined to go fly fishing that day no matter what the conditions were, because we hadn't fished in such a looong time. The day wasn't properly speaking the most action-packed in terms of fly fishing, but we did have quite a lot of fun despite the rain. I could write a story about the varied intensity of rain during the day, but I think you'll be more pleased with a few photos.

And stay tuned, after all it's summer now!