Boilin' Hot Waters

Hello there!

It's been Hot here lately, and that's not a good thing at least as far as the fly fishermen are concerned. The already three-weeks-long heatwave has risen the water temperatures in lakes and rivers to over 25 degrees, which hardly is an ideal temperature for trout and other salmon-related species, at least when it comes to c&r-fishing. No we'll just have to wait for the waters and weather to cool down a bit, because fly fishing at such high temperatures isn't a great pleasure - not even for the otherwise always so eager fishermen.

As usual, there aren't much fishing-stories to tell, but we have caught a couple of fish' since the last entry (which was posted already two months ago, sorry for that), so here's a few pictures for you guys. You're welcome.

We'd really appreciate if you first ask for a permission before you use our pictures.